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Home loan

Purchase and Construction Requirements Loans are granted if the applicant is of age and has the creditworthiness required by the National Bank’s guidelines. For larger or earmarked bonds, other collateral positions may be considered. Relatively large loan amounts are often only granted if another sufficiently creditworthy person agrees to check the loan agreement.

The present General Terms of Credit also apply to home loans and home loans. Creditworthiness is the possibility of concluding legally binding loan agreements. All borrowers listed in a loan agreement must meet the requirements for creditworthiness. The same applies to any signatory, irrespective of whether he is directly involved in drawing as a borrower or guarantor. Real estate loans are regular loans for larger sums and long maturities.

Economic performance (economic creditworthiness) and the reliability of the applicant (personal creditworthiness)

Therefore, credit institutions are more concerned about credit scoring than normal consumer credit.


Therefore, credit institutions are more concerned about credit scoring than normal consumer credit.

The economic performance (economic creditworthiness) and the reliability of the applicant (personal creditworthiness) are examined. Credit checks are carried out in accordance with company-internal requirements, which can vary considerably from one bank to another. It is therefore not uncommon for a candidate to be turned away by a house bank, but still receive a loan from another house bank.

In accordance with the Bank’s internal guidelines, an overall score is created containing all the verified information. Credit facilities exist for completed but not yet deleted features, unless the negative features concern the non-execution of loans. In general, it is not possible to clarify this question with which rating the banks are satisfied with mortgages or mortgage loans.

However, credit institutions below rating level D are expected to take a close look and do not have much appetite for a home loan at currently reasonable interest rates above a rating level lower than H’s. This is checked by the credit institutions themselves for their creditworthiness. It is based on all information and information provided by the applicant in connection with a loan application.

Of course, the focus of the test is on economic performance. In the case of long-term loans, it is important for credit institutions that the management of income is sustainable. In a crisis-proof industry, which has existed for years when borrowing, banks prefer borrowers to permanent employment. Therefore, civil servants and civil servants have very good conditions for obtaining credit on the best terms, provided they get enough money.

Note: Prepare your loan application carefully.

Note: Prepare your loan application carefully.

The main purpose of the budget account is to give you an overall view of the monthly benefit rates. As a rule, a bank does not work with actual data but with the lump sums set out in the Public Procurement Directives. That’s why your accounts do not have to be 100% correct.

Many banks will even push for joint borrowing. Against this background, the creditworthiness of the region concerned is of crucial importance. Existing assets, including in the form of home savings contracts, increase the willingness to finance real estate loans and can contribute to improved credit conditions. With increasing equity availability, credit conditions become even more advantageous.

It is most suitable if the own funds are sufficient to reflect the deviation of the market value from the creditable amount assumed by the house bank. For the possible sum of a real estate loan, the credit limit set by the house bank is decisive. The lending limit is a certain percentage of the mortgage lending value. Depending on the house bank and the property, the credit limit is between 60-80% of the mortgage lending value.

It is often referred to as the value at which a single property is available for sale at any given time. To determine the mortgage lending value, the appraiser appraises the property and requests some documents. If the property is used to generate income, for example from rent and leasing, the focus is on potential future interest.

Good credit cards are credit cards whose rental income is long-term certified by the expert. Tip: In some cases it is possible to negotiate the credit limit with the house bank. Experienced brokers often have a very good understanding of how much a property in a location is valuable. For the banks take a closer look at the characteristics of the property to be financed.

In the loan request for home loans, the postcode is not often inquired without reason. In general, real estate in growth regions is better financed by credit institutions than in crisis situations.


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